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Each morning, we decide on a horse's conditioning program for that day. We do not create the program on the previous day or by using a schedule set a week in advance. This decision is based upon a thorough inspection of the horse that morning and observing the horse throughout the previous day. By precisely following this system, we prevent problems from turning into more serious injuries.

We accompany each horse to and from the track. We watch all horses on the track to see how training instructions are followed. It may surprise owners that many horses exercise in the early AM without the watchful eye of a trainer. Under this scenario, the exercise rider may give feedback to the groom who may not always transmit this information to the trainer when he/she arrives.

We use the best exercise riders, ones who communicate well to both the horse and the trainer. If an exercise rider does not fit a particular horse, we find another one that does for that particular horse.

Most trainers use "walking machines" (walkers) to cool out horses after exercise. High energy racehorses can and frequently do get hurt on the walker. The majority of the horses in our barn do not go on the walker, but are walked by hand. The hot walker person offers them water at frequent intervals, which helps the cooling out process (something that doesn't happen as often as necessary on the walking machine). The few horses that we put on walker are only the quiet ones. 

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